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The bard is a classic jack-of-all-trades; their strength is in their versatility and, of course, their ability to talk the party out of sticky social situations. In dialogue, a bard's natural charm means they're probably the face of the group. At the top of the list are half-elves, variant humans, tieflings, and aasimar. Variant humans are, as the name would suggest, extremely versatile that's the human's entire schtick compared to other races, after allso they'll fit into pretty much any role they're given.

But, depending on the type of bard being built, it's not necessarily a bad thing, either! Some less-common but still good choices in 5th edition would be a lightfoot halfling, a drow elf, or a triton. Both drow and lightfoot halflings get bonuses to charisma and dexterity, which are the bard's two most-needed attributes. And for those eyeing the College of Valor subclass, a triton is the perfect fit. Following those two, the next-highest stat should undoubtedly be constitution.

It's nearly as important as dexterity, given that constitution dictates the number of hit points a character has; that's a perk that any class would find valuable.

DND Bard Spells 5e List [All Levels + Table]

Speaking of the dump stat, let's talk about the two remaining ability scores to be assigned: strength and intelligence. Generally, intelligence is considered the best stat for bards and other Charisma-based casters to dump, but it doesn't necessarily have to be; players who want their bards who are primarily spellcasters to have a halfway decent Arcana skill should consider making strength the dump stat instead. Bardic subclasses are divided into different colleges for them to be a part of, and those colleges are Lore, Valor, Glamour, Swords, and Whispers.

best bard spells 5e

As discussed in a previous storythe College of Lore makes for a singularly powerful bard. The College of Lore is for bards who want to take the most basic and unique element of a bard's play-style, weaving songs and stories, and truly excel at it. Some players may find the idea of being support in battles as opposed to a striker or tank disappointing, but there's nothing disappointing about being able to re-shape a battlefield within a couple of turns.

Basically, that boss enemy who keeps shrugging attacks, making its saves, and carving up the party? The College of Glamour bard will make short work of it. When putting the finishing touches on a new bard, they're going to need a few spells, to begin with.

best bard spells 5e

The cantrips that are an absolute must for any bard are Minor Illusion and Vicious Mockery. Minor Illusion can be put to use in so many ways it's impossible to list them all; suffice to say, it's a handy little spell that won't take up a slot while allowing the bard to produce almost any illusory effect. While the damage it does isn't significant, the disadvantage it gives to enemies is critical at low levels, and the spell's casting properties give it some fun roleplaying flavor.

As for skills, players will want to make sure that their bard is proficient in Deception, Persuasion, Performance, and Perception at the very least. The first three are all Charisma-based skills, so they're a natural choice for bards. And as far as Perception goes, it's never fun to be the player who ends up scratching their head and shrugging every time the DM asks for a Perception check! Finally, it's good to have a few feats in mind for the character to take as they level up.

For instance, the Actor feat is a good one for players who want a feat rather than the ability score increase, but still need to bump their bard's charisma up a point.

War Caster is great for both Valor and Lore bards who need a bonus to their concentration and some expanded attack of opportunity options. Then, all the bard needs is a background that compliments their skill set—Charlatan, Courtier, Entertainer and Faction Agent are all great choices, to name a few—and the character should be ready to go.

Stick to this guide; the party will gain a bard with no equal, useful in any situation. After all, that's a bard's greatest power. Share Tweet Email 0.

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Davvy's D&D 5e Volo's Guide Guide

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Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter mgrinshpon Start date Aug 16, Bards only get 22 spells, or maybe 24 if you go into the College of Lore. I'm going College of Valor Bard. The ones that really popped out are: Cure Wounds 1 : self explanatory Faerie Fire 1 : Really boost the effectiveness of ally fighters.

Bard Spells

Dex save. Thunderwave 1 : Surrounded by mooks? This is your ticket out until dimension door. Dispel Magic 3 : self explanatory Dimension Door 4 : cheers Feeblemind 8 : Int saving throw which is probably great against a ton of different monsters. Turns the target into a vegetable for at least another 30 days. As for the spells from other schools, my thoughts were Haste 3 Eldritch Blast Cantrip : more powerful than archery Thaumaturgy Cantrip : it's just cool EDIT: Wish 9 : most powerful spell in the game These are the for-sure amazing spells.

What else looks top notch? Last edited: Nov 10, No save. As for the spells from other schools, my thoughts were Haste 3 Eldritch Blast Cantrip : more powerful than archery Thaumaturgy Cantrip : it's just cool These are the for-sure amazing spells.Bard Spells is a character that you can use if your master permits.

A good bard should have a lively tongue, a light heart and fast legs. Bard Spells rarely settle for a long time in one place, and their natural desire for wanderings is associated with the search for new tales, learning new skills and opening new horizons, which makes the career of an adventurer for them a natural calling.

Although he fights like a rogue, he can use any weapon. He can wear any armor like chain mail, but cannot use a shield. All bards are skilled singers, performers or vocalists and own a musical instrument of their choice. If a skill system is used, you can master additional tools — a bard can learn to play two instruments for each spent skill area. Blade Ward. With this bard spell, you can stretch your hand and trace Warding Sigil in the breeze to protect your buildings from demons.

Till the end of your next chance, you will have resistivity against piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing harm that can be tackled by the weapon attack. Dancing Lights. In this Bard spell, you can make a massive torch-sized light within its specified range. It looks similar to the torch, the lantern that hovers in the wind for 1 minute. Even, you can merge the 4 lights into one mid-sized luminous form.

Moreover, you can make use of these lights, but each will cast very dim or dark light in a foot radius. When this bard spells ends, the creature realizes that you used magic to influence its mood. Touch the object which is no longer than 10 feet in any dimension. Until the duration ends, the object will shed bright light in a 20ft radius and also shed dim light for an additional 20ft.

This Bard spell action ends when you dismiss it or cast it again. If you are decided to target an object which is worn by the combative creature, then the creature must succeed on a DEX Save which helps to avoid the damage spell.

Mage Hand. In this Bard spell, the floating and spectral hand appears at a point within the range and it lasts until the duration ends. You can use the hand to manipulate the object, unlock your container or door and you can retrieve an item from an open container.

Mending bard spells repairs all the magic items and constructs the objects such as broken keys, broken chain links, leaking wineskin, and torn cloak. But this spell can restore the magic item but it will help to repair it. Point your finger towards a creature within the specified range and whisper a message. Your target will hear your message and reply in a husky voice that only you can hear. In case, if you are acquainted with your goal, you can cast this bard spells via solid objects.

Minor Illusion. From minor illusion bard spells, you can create any sound or image of an object within the range. This illusion lasts until the duration ends.An X denotes a spell with an XP component paid by the caster. Order of Presentation : In the spell lists and the spell descriptions that follow them, the spells are presented in alphabetical order by name except for those belonging to certain spell chains.

Creatures with Hit Dice only from their race, not from classeshave character levels equal to their Hit Dice. A creature with no classes has a caster level equal to its Hit Dice unless otherwise specified. Jump to: navigationsearch. This material is published under the OGL Contents. Categories : OGL 3. Personal tools Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! This material is published under the OGL.

This is part of the 3. It is covered by the Open Game License v1. To distinguish it, these items will have this notice. If you see any page that contains SRD material and does not show this license statement, please contact an admin so that this license statement can be added. It is our intent to work within this license in good faith.And what better way to perform than a magnificent, magical display?

But never fear! You may find different picks that are extremely good for a specific situation, and those are fine to use, too! Also, these spells may net your bard the scornful hate of your enemies and, in equal parts, the admiration and love of your friends.

You have been warned. From a limerick to a tune, a bard can pull anyone back from the jaws of death. Healing word lets a bard restore health points very quickly to another creature.

This means that our superstar bard can heal an ally and, in the same turn, cast a cantrip, use an item, or even play a song to taunt their enemies. A burst of color explodes over the enemy The bard laughs as a ten-foot tall troll now stands covered in purple, luminescent light.

All attack rolls made against an affected creature have advantage, meaning you roll the dice twice and take the better result. This drastically increases the chance that each attack will hit and guarantees your targets a swift death!

The bard is surrounded by guards. With an incantation, he disappears without a trace! Remember what I said about invisible enemies? Now, you can do it, too! Invisibility allows a bard to turn one creature, well, invisible for an hour. This effect means that nothing can see the invisible creature, though they can still be heard. As the bard questions the captured bandit, she weaves magic into her words.

For a moment, her words are too enticing, and without further thought, he gives her just the info she wants. Suggestion is a spell that can be used in a fight or out of it.

best bard spells 5e

Still, it gives a creative bard a low-level Swiss Army knife charm. A twisting pattern of colors flashes before their enemies. For a moment, they cannot avert their gazes. Even as the colors fade, they continue to stare ahead, dumbfounded.

Hypnotic pattern is a charm spell that renders enemies in a foot cube incapacitated and turns their speed to zero! This makes the spell absolutely fantastic in combat! The limitation here is that the moment an affected creature takes damage, it snaps out of its hypnosis. Smarter enemies might also wake up their affected friends. Our bard targets a single creature and removes its ability to distinguish its allies from its enemies.

So long as the bard keeps up concentration, the creature randomly chooses who to affect whenever it acts. Plus, it must take attacks of opportunity against anything that moves out of its melee range! Imagine a 5-versus-5 fight.

Again, this reduces the number of enemies you have to deal with. With an incantation and a strum of his lute, the bard transforms the fearsome bear into a Or perhaps, he changes his friend into a giant eagle to fly away to safety instead.

best bard spells 5e

Polymorph lets a bard turn any creature into a beast of an equivalent Challenge Rating CR or lower. The main drawback is that the creature mentally becomes like the animal, too.

Though, they usually maintain a baseline sense for its friends or foes. Polymorph is what I consider another swiss-army knife spell. When a creature is transformed by polymorph, it can gain a lot of extra hit points in its new form and another set of abilities.Not only do Bards have partial access to every spell in the game, but they are also a Jack of All Trades, proficient in a plethora of different skills.

And best of all, they can even inspire their party, adding an extra dice to ability, attack and saving throw rolls. So now that you love the class, which Bard College Subclass is right for you?

If you have different opinions on the Colleges, leave a comment and let us know! Theme: An enthralling idol whose majesty invigorates their allies and charms their enemies into submission. Game Mechanic: Charming tactics help you command your enemies and rally your allies to you with boosted health. Theme: A clever entertainer, so skilled in both abilities and magic that they can easily distract enemies with their cutting words.

Game Mechanic: Gain more ability skills and learn extra spells from any class. Able to reduce enemy attack, damage or ability rolls as a reaction. Play-Style: You enjoy versatility in all manners of role-playing and spell selection.

Theme: A hard hitting, agile performer equipped with a number of blade flourish abilities up their sleeves.

DND Bard Spells 5e List [All Levels + Table]

Game Mechanic: Diverse sword abilities, increased attack damage and focused fighting style. Play-Style: You want to be versatile but focused on your own damage output. Theme: Combat focused entertainer, able to help allies deal more damage while deflecting incoming attacks. Game Mechanic: Inspire others to deal extra damage in the midst of combat or provide extra protection from incoming attacks.

Able to wield medium armour and shields. Theme: A sly master of secrets, able to damage the minds of their enemies and take the form of their prey. Game Mechanic: Paranoia inducing psychic attacker, able to temporarily become the shadows of their victims.

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This is my first attempt at writing a guide and is based on actual in game experiences with a bit of theory craft thrown in for good measure. I will be using the following system to rate things for the College of Lore Bard. This will cover the 1st 6 levels at this point. Last edited: Nov 12, Last edited: Sep 20, Last edited: May 29, Lore Bard Builds and Multiclassing Generally I would pick a focus with a lore bard and build the bard around that focus.

Between your bardic spell list and magical secrets once can do most things well. Another way is to just pick the most powerful spells but you may spreads yourself a bit thin doing this. The Skill Monkey The idea of this build is to be proficient in every single skill in the game and to have expertise in 6 of them. Echoes of 3E here but.

You get this via multiclassing, the skilled feat, the knowledge domain,beguiling influence and being a half elf. Skills, damage, AC the downside is less spells. The Bardlock Lore bards do not tend to deal that much damage unless you focus on being a blaster and the Bardlock fixes that.

You take 2 levels in warlock for hex, eldritch blast, and agonizing blast.