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Are you familiar with the Traynor YGM4? I'm interedted in doing the same type of master volume mod to my amp but don't have much understanding in the area of tube amps. Seems like a pretty simular layout. Post a Comment.

Usual tube amp disclaimer: These amplifiers contain voltages that can kill you if you do not understand what you're doing, so please understand what you're doing if you decide to attempt anything described on this page.

When I first heard about amplifiers that lacked a master volume, I was actually pretty confused because I thought this meant the amplifier had a fixed gain and no volume control. Fortunately, this is not the case, and non-master volume amplifiers have only a single volume control, and it is located in the preamp stage of the amplifier.

Below is the general signal flow from guitar to speaker in one of these setups: So here you can control the volume of the output by just one switch. Some people at this point might be thinking: now why would you need TWO volume pots for a device that has a single output? This is a reasonable thought, since a single volume control can control the output. However, each tube has a slightly different "flavor" of potentially desirable distortion. With one knob, the guitar player can certainly create distortion but distortion from the tubes will only occur at a specific volume.

Master volume helps with this problem by pulling out some of the power right before the signal reaches the output stage. This allows only the preamp and Phase Inverter stages of the amplifier to be run "all out," while some of the signal is drained to ground prior to entering the output stage, thereby allowing a quieter sound from the speaker yet maintaining the distortion.

The distortion characteristics of so-called "preamp distortion" certainly differ from "all out" distortion where the output tubes and speakers are involved as well.

If you're thinking about learning circuits, I can't say enough times how nice it is to have a good simulator handy. I think if you can read schematics that the tutorial here should be enough to follow along with the master volume implementation I will show.

I start with the Duncan Amps push-pull EL A picture of the full schematic is shown below: I have circled the individual stages of the amplifier as a guide to understand what's going on. Working from left to right, the RED box indicates the input. The next green box is the preamp stage. In this case, it adds about 30 dB of gain. The next stage yellow is the power output stage, followed by what I consider the "actuator stage. The top area consists of the power supply.

Since the master volume resides at the power output stage, let's focus on that. It is cut out below: Basically, the resistance between the two points on the left side will determine the amount of signal passed to the 6CA7 tubes. Right now, the resistance between A and B is infinite. If you choose a large valued resistor and make it variable, it can function as a master volume here. A 1 MegaOhm resistance seems pretty common as a value that functions as an approximation to infinity in this position.

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Modifications

Therefore we have successfully added something, that does not affect our circuit at least as far as gain is concerned. This trend continues at 1k where the gain is reduced to 38 dB.

master volume mod

Given the very wide range of values required for this effect to take place, it is worth mentioning that you would only want to use an audio-tapered potentiometer in this position for it's logarithmic response smooth over wider range.

So there you have it, one method for implementing master volume! The output section looked a little weird to me, so I opted for tapping some of the voltage off to ground before it made it to the output section. If you are interested in YBA-1 schematics, I have posted them here.

Physically achieving this on the stock amplifier was not a terrible challenge and required no drilling, since I had an extra hole on the chassis where I had removed the 'ground switch.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Jul 21, 1. Messages: Is this doable in this amp?

master volume mod

Anyone done it? How do you like? Is it easy for an amp tech to do? And lastly, how much would something like this cost? Last edited: Jul 30, Brandon ButlerJul 21, Jul 21, 2. Messages: 5, Wouldn't it be the same as a volume pedal in the loop? Jul 21, 3. It's so I can crank the volume for natural tube overdrive and then use the master volume to lower the level.

I want my super to sound super at gig volumes. Otherwise, I'd have to turn the super up to 8. Jul 21, 4. Messages: 30, Blue StratJul 21, Jul 21, 5. It's doable in any amp with a PI with space to mount an extra pot. Haven't personally tried it I use OD pedals instead.

Depends on location, cost of living, if the tech is a legitimate business pays taxespays rent, does it for fun, profit, etc.Discussion in ' Marshall Amps ' started by DomAug 13, Log in or Sign up. Marshall Amp Forum. Class 5 Master Volume mod? DomAug 13, Well, it will allow you to get overdrive at lower volumes, but it won't give you a clean tone at higher volumes. It shouldn't effect the tone if done right, maybe just when the MV is turned down low OK, cool.

DomAug 14, The great and mighty 5 watts too much? Use a Keely modded Blues driver to get your sound at a slightly lower volume. Gtarzan81Aug 14, If you turn the MV all the way up the power tubes will overdrive, hence why I said "when the MV is down really low it will affect the tone".

Thanks for the replies guys. Joined: Aug 31, Messages: 5, Likes Received: Use an attenuator or build one into the amp! LespaulnmarshallAug 14, DomAug 15, Dom, are you familiar with the "bedroom trick" on the Class 5? Basically, by using the headphone jack to drive the speaker, it makes the amp much more usable at lower volumes and it still sounds pretty good. MichaelxlAug 15, Joska likes this. Yeah i heard about that, i'll definatley try it! But i'm gonna save my money for a bit longer before i buy anything yet.

Because on one of the other threads, a guy said that there's been rumours of marshall releasing a new class 5 with a 12 inch speaker and marshall have supposodley said that it's a strong possablility!

Well, I'm picking up a 2x12 extension cab today, from craigslist. I cant wait to plug the class 5 into it. I just hope I don't have any "my pod got stolen in a park" stories after this one.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Search Login Register.

I have read you could bypass the cap at the cut control, but I'd prefer to keep the cut control as it is. Are there any other ways to install a MV? Can I do a similar installation in an AC30? I don't follow schematics so well, so if you have layouts or images that I can follow in detail I will be happy. Try putting a jumper across your cut control cap.

Then play with the pot to see if you like the crossline mv. If you like it, it's very easy to add.

master volume mod

Look at this pdf. My brilliance control is the same as your cut control. Search for LarMar master volume. But then I don't have the cut control anymore. This is just temporary to see if you like it without having to actually add the mv.

If you like it then add it and you will have your cut and mv. I never bonded with that Matchless Lightning amp.

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I thought that crossline MV really sucked. I just couldn't get used to it. The Lightning became a donor for the AC The brilliance control is now called a top cut control and I like it pretty good. In fact, I think it's necessary for the AC, which really has no tone controls. Quote from: shooter on May 22,pm. Build problems?

Silverface Amp Modifications

Read this first. SMF 2. Mobile Device Catalog Link. Yard Sale Discontinued. What's New. Amp trim Handles.Have comments or corrections? Email rob at:. If you have not been trained to work with high voltage then have an amp technician service your amp. Never touch the amplifier chassis with one hand while probing with the other hand because a lethal shock can run between your arms through your heart. Use just one hand when working on a powered amp.

See more tube amplifier safety info here. I don't expect anyone to mod their original 5F6A Bassman but if you have a Bassman reissue or home build like me then adding some switchable mods can be beneficial. I'm not trying to improve the 5F6A so much as I'm trying to make the amp more versatile. Some of the mods work well together too.

When I need more headroom I'll flip the feedback switch to the JTM45 position but this pairs well with the preamp gain boost switch which adds more preamp gain. The switch allows you to tweak the balance between preamp and poweramp distortion. I also find myself using the raw tone stack cut switch quite a bit too. It give's me an instant, known standard tone at the flip of a switch. Most of the mods below are on a switch so you can deactivate the mod. I absolutely love my 5F6A and encourage everyone to build or buy one.

Differences from the original Fender 5F6A layout: Ground switch is deleted3-Prong power cord, balanced 6. The Cap Board is usually located outside the chassis in a 'dog house' next to the choke but it will fit between the power transformer and main circuit board.

Many original 5F6A amps also have a k Tone Slope resistor and. Click the image to see the full size readable layout. Click the above image to see the hi-res version. Click here for a hi res pdf. What do all those parts do? Click on the graphic to see the full size and readable schematic.

Adjustable Bias : Adjust your power tube bias for max output and sweetest tone. Adjustable Balanced Bias : Adds a second bias pot to the Adjustable Bias circuit to evenly bias unmatched power tubes.

High Voltage Tap Adjustable Bias : Tap your center tapped power transformer to create a 50v bias tap.This is the place to access all of the modifications Ihave for the Carvin Vintage Series amps, i. Note that the mods are now all in pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read them available free from Adobe. I've made this change now because the pdf files take up much less room on my website and they are easier for you to download and save to your computer. You may do as you wish with these, but I ask that if you share them or use the info that you would give credit where it is due.

master volume mod

I do sell kits for any of the mods I have posted on these pages. Electronic parts are available in many places, and you may have your sources already. If not it makes it a little easier to go with one source where you can get all the parts you need for the job, and be assured they work properly.

And that is the benefit my kits bring. Plus my assistance if you need it. Please contact me at hasserl netzero. Also, I perform these mods, as well as other mods, repairs, services, etc. Not just for people local to me, but people ship their amps to me for mods quite often.

You can ship just the chassis to save on shipping charges, I don't need the entire amp. When I do these mods for people I go ahead and set the bias for the tubes sent with the amp, and give the amp a good once over. If you want more info on this service please contact me at the same email address listed above. My work travel has slowed down, which is nice, but I have become very busy playing music, several nights a week, which is great! But it does keep me away from my work bench.

A fellow can only be in one place at a time after all. In any case, if you're interested in having me work on your amp, email me and let's talk about it, but please understand I have limited time available, you'll have to be patient with me.

Thanks for your understanding. Thanks, Richard aka hasserl. Clipping Diode Removal Mod Tone Stack Mod Video Demo The Stage II mods are much more extensive than the Stage I mods and involve changes to almost all of the resistors and capacitors in the lead channel. I do not have detailed instructions written up for the Stage II mods as they are intended for someone with more experience who can work from a schematic, due to the more extensive nature of the mods. The Stage II mods are partly similar to the Stage I mods, but go much further, and though they address some of the same circuits the values of the components used are different.

The Attitude mod is a standard part of the Stage II mods.The module works great my on my fender HRD! It absolutely lives up to the lion tamer moniker!! Thanks Dr Watson! I will ship with tracking to the listed regions. To negotiate shipping rates to other locations, please send me a message. Taxes are charged in the following regions either by the seller, per their tax policy, or by Reverb as a Marketplace Facilitator:.

Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use.

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Please contact them to ask about shipping or change your shipping region. Portsmouth, United Kingdom Joined: Jan Please confirm your email before sending messages. Home Parts Amp Parts Fender. Fender Hot Rod Volume Module. No modifications to the amp are necessary, the module simply plugs into the top of the amp as shown in the picture. This master volume mod is nick named the "Lion Tamer" and it makes setting a volume for home practice a lot easier as it allows you to lower the overall volume of both channels on the amp.

This then makes using the clean and drive channel volumes a lot less hyper sensitive, as without the Lion Tamer the volume knobs seem to go from nothing to too loud in a fraction of a turn. This is a brand new part supplied with instructions - Note this auction is for the Volume Module only, no Fender amp is included. Condition Brand New New. Brand New items are sold by an authorized dealer or original builder and include all original packaging. Seller Reviews. View All Reviews. Return Window This product can be returned within 14 days of receipt.

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