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Micha Arr. Mike Springer Arr.Yes we do laugh a lot together. Hope we dont get too pot - bellied like these guys. This arrived in perfect condition and is just as pictured. Adding different amounts of water changes the pitch of the whistle. Write a review. Certified clean packing environment. Quality tested and verified by our region teams. Home Musical Instruments.

Popular Categories. New and popular Artist Price: low to high Price: high to low Newest arrivals. Refine your results. On Sale Today Cause of the Week. Featured Reviews on Culture Instruments. Ceramic ocarina, 'Laughing Dog'. Ceramic water whistle, 'Clucking Chicken'. Featured Artist. Georgina Cabrera Pre-Hispanic ceramic replicas 5. View full collection. I grew up in a close family where my parents and relatives have been dedicated to the crafting of ceramic pieces for many generations.

Even as a child I always found the elaboration of ceramic products to be Popular Culture Instruments. Seated obediently, this plump little dog replicates those found in shaft tombs throughout Western Mexico.

Georgina Cabrera depicts the xoloitzcuintle, a cheerful, barkless species prized by ancient Read More. Crafted by hand from ceramic and given a rustic finish, two lovely turtle doves make a musical addition to your home.Cap off your outfit with beautiful bottle cap bracelets or necklaces! This project is a fun way to add personal style to your pre-teen's wardrobe without breaking the bank or battling mall crowds. Bookmark this to easily find it later. Then send your curated collection to your children, or put together your own custom lesson plan.

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Top 10 Free Bead Patterns

My Education. Log in with different email For more assistance contact customer service. Preschool Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th. Entire library. Fourth Grade. Bottle Cap Jewelry. Share this activity. Download free activity. Grade Fourth Grade. Thank you for your input. Tell her to keep in mind that she will be cutting them out to fit inside bottle caps, so the images she chooses should be relatively small.

After she has cut out the images, help her put craft glue on the back of each one and and place them each inside of a bottle cap.

If she's making a bracelet, help her use a hot glue gun to put glue on the back of several bottle caps and attach them to a bracelet-sized felt strip. If you want, you can also use a string or metal chain instead of a felt loop. Help her use the glue gun to attach a paper clip behind each bottle cap, with the end of the clip peeking over the top of the cap. Then, put string through the ends of paper clips.

The same method can be used with a bottle cap for a necklace. A silver bail glued behind the bottle cap would also work for a necklace or bracelet.

Another method to use for a necklaceis to have the string ready before gluing the picture in the cap. Add craft glue and put the picture on top of the string, pushed inside the bottle cap.

The picture will hold down the string inside the bottle cap. Your child may wish to use craft glue to attach gems, glitter, beads, or a charm on top of her picture in the bottle cap, or she may want to use decoupage or varnish on top of pictures for a more finished look.

Bottle Cap Jewelry

Show off your new jewelry at the park, school, or day camp! Related learning resources. Stonehenge Jewelry. Get your fill of artsy crafts and historical fun with this jewelry project. Scrabble Jewelry.Questions will be processed as they are received. Not all questions will be answered specifically, similar questions will be grouped together.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, Inc. All rights reserved. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads reserves the right to make policy changes at any time without prior notice. Ask the Experts about Jewelry Making. Topics: Cording, Knotting, Shekere Q. I'm trying to find cording that will knot well, is sturdy and visually appealing like macrame as much as the beads. I am making a Shekere, which is a percussion type instrument made from gourds. I will also need to know what size beads will fit with the diameter of the cord you recommend.

Thank you so much! Shekeres are generally made with 1mm or smaller nylon twine, but can also be made with colored nylon cord, polyester cord or colored hemp. Cotton can stretch over time so it is generally not recommended. Plastic and metal beads such as pony beads work well and make soft sounds, and the holes in these beads are generally at least 1mm in diameter.

Glass beads make a brighter louder sound but break easily so are not generally recommended. Back to top. You supply the creativity, we supply everything else!

Connect with us:. Email: info firemtn. Safe Shopping. SSL Certificates.Delivery Estimate. This item is available for backorder and will ship within 2 to 8 weeks.

Shaker Instruments

Read more. This item is available for pre-order and will ship within 2 to 8 weeks. Jo Percussivo presents this instrument, crafted from a hollow gourd with a plastic beaded skirt.

Shake the instrument to hear the plastic beads rattling against the gourd's shell. You can find our gourd percussion instrument 'Shekere Music' by Jo Percussivo in musical instruments categories such as Cultural Percussion and Gourd Percussion. Enjoy exploring these sections for other Novica treasures.

shekere necklace

Quantity 1. Write a review. It feeds my soul. Certified clean packing environment. Quality tested and verified by our region teams. Similar Items. Home Shekere Music. Curate Product ID: Send to a friend. Coming Back! Pre-Order Now! No Premium Gift Wrap? No Made in Brazil.

Certified and shipped by our office in Brazil. Related Items. Add suggestions. Back to top. Shop with confidence Easy 60 day returns! View full collection. He was born in Pernambuco in northeastern Brazil where he designs and creates his musical instruments.

I didn't have many resources and needed a lot of strength and willpower to believe in my dream. I was tired, but it was worthwhile. Now my connection with music is through their creation. My sister Joseilda, my stepson Anderson and nephew Artur all work together, in all of the stages of the crafting process.

Maracatu is a manifestation of folkloric dance to the sound of drums, rattles and cowbells that originated here in Pernambuco. I look for happiness, the pleasure of singing and I live life like this, with lightness. I want them to value and preserve our culture and I plan to offer new opportunities and a better future for young people here. Related Searches wood percussion percussion gifts peruvian gourd gourd jewelry gourd sculpture brown instruments african culture instruments brown accent furniture brown agate earrings brown baguettes brown candle holders brown coasters brown contemporary furniture brown cotton tote brown dinner plates.If you are ready for a wide variety of beading projectslook no further.

These jewelry designs incorporate a many different types beading stitches and techniques. You can follow these patterns exactly or make the resulting jewelry reflect your personal style. Have fun and get beading!

Bead and leather wrap bracelets are incredibly versatile and popular to make. It's easy to see why. The design is simple but has endless combinations. Make it your own by changing the color of the leather cord, varying the length of the bracelet and therefore the number of times the bracelet wraps around the wristand the types, colors, and sizes of beads.

This bracelet uses a technique similar to loom bead weavingbut you don't need a loom to get started making these bracelets. The embellished beaded shapes make beautiful earring drops and pendants. This free tutorial will show you how to turn basic hoop earrings into works of art. Tila beads are two-hole tile beads. Use them to weave a wide bracelet cuff or a thinner bracelet using the fancy tile bracelet pattern.

This is a great project that will allow you to learn the basics of working with two hole beads. The Emerald City bracelet uses a flat spiral stitch. It's one of the more simple beading stitches that is easy to learn. The result is a flexible beadwork chain that highlights a center crystal or bead. It can be used for bracelets or necklaces. The best part of this pattern is how versatile it is. It can be made with a wide variety of beads, both down the center and on the sides.

Once you are familiar with the basic weave, try adding more variety in color and size to explore the full array of options with this stitch. Russian leaves have become a classic beadwork design in recent years.

While they look difficult, they are not. These Russian Leaves use diagonal peyote stitch, a variation of flat peyote stitch. The resulting leaves are beautiful when done in a single color, but simple variations like changing the border bead color on the inside or out or both!

Other options are ombre shades of beads or creating other patterns within the leaves. Many people can be intimidated to get started with loom bead weaving. There's a whole world of new terms like warp threads and weft threads. Loom bead weaving is fast and goes even faster when you learn with larger crystal beads like this bead weaved cuff bracelet. Dust off your bead loom and get started today! Spiral rope stitch is one of the easiest stitches to learn.

It makes quick and easy bracelets and necklace chains. Like all beadwork designs, you can also make your spiral rope captivatingly complex with the variety of sizes and colors beads you incorporate in the jewelry.

Ladder stitch is all too often overlooked as a primary beadwork stitch. It's usually used as a base stitch for herringbone stitch and brick stitch.

shekere necklace

On its own, ladder stitch makes a sturdy and slinky bracelet band that can be embellished with charm dangles. Once you have mastered the basic spiral rope stitch, try the double spiral rope stitch. This full, wide rope has depth and interest beyond most rope stitches. Using smaller size beads such as size 15 will allow you to have the fullness and complexity of design, without the thick size.Mobeta Shekere necklaces are handmade from a mini gourd and can be played just like a full size shekere.

A Shekere is a West African percussion instrument that combines a hollowed out gourd with a woven beaded net around the outside. The net is twisted and shaken to create many textures of percussive rhythm. Ricardo Wilkins grows the gourds himself and then carves them by hand before wrapping them in a beautiful net of beads.

The necklaces look amazing and are fun to tinker with to relieve anxiety or nervousness. Check him out on Instagram at mobetamusic. Reviewed by Michael Cassini. For all Cactus Approvedclick here. I have an uncle who won the Presidential Key for watercolor painting; He taught us some of the finer points of the arts, while painting kachinas or clowns as we were growing up.

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shekere necklace

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