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AUX-IN 3. We are shipping the orders without any delay. Stay safe and shop online. Toggle navigation. Type-C About Wirelinq. Become a dealer Dealer login Installer lookup. Main Functions Plug and play installation Control your media from stereo or steering wheel Track information and text on select radios HD Radio support tuner sold separately. Enter your car model and year:. Control the music through factory car stereo or steering wheel controls, see titles where applicable, browse by folders.

Android car integration via USB port: Play music, control from car stereo or steering wheel controls, charge. Play music, control from car stereo or steering wheel, and charge at the same time. Bluetooth add-on sold separately : Make hands free phone calls HFPstream music from your smartphone to the factory car stereo, control music with the car stereo or steering wheel controls with GROM Bluetooth Dongle Android and iPhone smartphones and most music streaming apps are supported.

Adds access to the HD FM sub-stations for more music choices. We ship internationally. For rates and delivery times please see this chart Warranty - 30 days money back guarantee - 1 yr replacement warranty.Listen to all your favorite music in the car by easily "docking" your portable music player or USB memory.

This means that you can listen to your stored favorite music directly from the car's audio system.

Volvo 01-07 USB Android iPhone car integration adapter kit

The sound quality is superb and handling is easy with the radio controls and display. Eliminates the need for lots of CDs.

volvo usb port

Choose one of the following cables:. Choose one of the following applications:. Simple and safe to operate while driving, either via the steering wheel buttons or the radio controls. The player will ignore everything but music files. There are a large number of USB products on the market. In these cases it is evident from the display that the connected unit cannot be played. Try an alternative USB device instead.

When you have found the accessories you want you can add them to your wish list. Choose a quantity and click add. Note that this is not an order. The wish list assists your Volvo dealer in assisting you.

Colour choices etc are not made in the wish list. Instead such details are determined in dialog with your Volvo dealer. When you are satisfied with your wish list you can share it with your friends. Open the wish list and click the button "Share". Your wish list is shared as it is at the moment.Wondering why your car's USB port isn't charging your phone? You're not alone. The problem is that while USB is capable of transmitting both power and data via the same connection, not every USB port is wired to do that.

And even if a USB port is designed to provide power, minor differences in the way that some companies, like apple, handle USB charging can get in the way. When USB was first introduced, the initial standard allowed for two different versions of USB ports: data ports and powered data ports.

USB data ports only transmit data back and forth between a device and a computer, while powered data ports transmit both data and power. This is why some devices, like hard drives and scanners that draw power through a USB connection, have to be plugged into specific USB ports to work. In some vehicles that include a USB port, the port is only designed to transmit data. This type of USB port typically allows you to plug in a USB flash drive to listen to music or install firmware updates, and you may also be able to plug in a smartphone or MP3 player to listen to music.

The easiest is to try a variety of USB cables and devices to see if any of them show a connection to power. The USB standard specifies a configuration of four terminals numbered one through four. Terminals one and four transmit power, while terminals two and three transmit data.

Most USB cables are just straight connections between the terminals on one end of the cable and the terminals on the other end, which allows the cable to transmit both data and power.

Data only cables totally omit terminals one and four, and power only cables omit terminals two and three. However, the situation is actually a little more complicated than that. The computer has to receive a specific cue that tells it to provide a higher amperage, and that cue is different depending on the device in question.

The USB specification calls for charge-only cables to have the data wires, or terminals two and three, shorted at the device end. So to turn a regular USB cable into a charging cable, terminals two and three on the device end of the cable can be shorted.

This works for most devices, but Apple products do things differently. While it is possible for a car to include a power-only port, most USB ports found in cars are still connected to the infotainment system.

So even when a vehicle does include a powered port, the primary use of the port will still be to transmit data. The issue here is that in some cases, you may plug your phone in, and the infotainment system will fail to recognize what type of device it is. If that happens, it may fail to charge your phone even if the port is actually capable of doing so.

volvo usb port

One way that you can sometimes get around this issue is to use a USB cable that is specifically designed for charging. However, the fact that the infotainment system has no way of telling that a device is plugged in means that your phone will receive power from the port anyway.

Another issue with powered USB ports and charging devices like phones is that different companies approach USB charging in different ways. The problem is that while USB ports are all designed to operate at 5v, they are capable of outputting a variety of amperages, and different phones require different amperages to charge. For instance, some phones will charge fine on 1. If your car recognizes your phone and connects it in media player mode, via a normal USB cable, there is a chance that the provided charging amperage will not be high enough to maintain the level of charge on your phone.

In any case, you can try using a charging cable that is designed to work with your specific phone, which may do the trick.To simplify the use of a USB flash drive, it is advisable to only store music files on the drive. It will take considerably longer for the system to index the files on the drive if it contains anything other than compatible music files. Many MP3 players have a file indexing system that is not supported by the vehicle's audio system. NOTE When an iPod is used as a sound source, the vehicle's audio system has a menu structure similar to the one in the iPod.

See the iPod's manual for detailed information. Scan The function automatically searches the current waveband for radio stations. When a station is found, it is played for several seconds before scanning is resumed. While the station is playing Disposal of airbags and airbag equipped vehicles includingpretensioners Contact your authorized dealer as soon as possible. For further The system will only play audio files from an iPod. Repeat This function makes it possible to play files in a folder repeatedly.

What to Do When Your Car's USB Port Won't Charge Your Phone

When the last file has been played, the first file will begin again. To activate: 1. Compatible file formats via the USB socket The following audio and video files are supported by the system when playing a device connected to the USB socket. See also: Scan The function automatically searches the current waveband for radio stations.Worried about potential repair costs? An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. See our lemon odds and nada odds page to see vehicles with no repairs or vehicles with more than three repairs.

To see how frequently Volvo XC60 problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. All years. Volvo XC60 repairs by problem area. Volvo XC60 electrical repair cost distribution. See most expensive repairs Worried about potential repair costs?

Chart based on repair trips. The repair cost chart excludes repairs made under warranty, do-it-yourself repairs, and repair trips that include maintenance. Onboard SIM card not working. Dealer reset system, no further problems in last two weeks. Software updates resolved the issues.

BLIS was erratic. Dealer replaced driver's side BLIS monitor. Problem diagnosed and parts ordered. Will required a second trip to the shop. Would occasionally not return to normal view after dipping for reverse. And occasionally would move on their own. Software update performed. Still had "low battery" indicator message coming up a few times over the next couple days. Took to ALK auto who did diagnostics. No issues found. Battery replaced again.

The window would not operate the next morning. The dealer found the window motor and control unit shorted out and destroyed. Disgusting how frail this system is. Taking car in after Thanksgiving and leaving car,and Getting loaner. No system notification light turned on indicating a problem.

Took less than ten minutes. Dealer previously performed software upgrade specific for this, but problem returned. Battery determined faulty and replaced. Fault was determined to be low battery, which was out of warranty.TuneIn is an Internet radio service which can be used in cars equipped with Sensus Connect. TuneIn offers more thanglobal live radio stations from all continents and more than two million on-demand programmes e.

The Find Fuel app allows you to find petrol stations near to your car while you drive.

volvo usb port

When you have created an Internet connection, it is recommended that you disable the PIN code lock so that you can automatically connect to the Internet. System updates involve the parts of the car relating to connected car and infotainment. If system software updates are available, these updates can all be implemented at once, or one at a time. All changed settings can be restored to their default values at once in settings view.

It is recommended that you do this before you sell your car. The "Book service and repair" service allows you to manage service, repair and appointment information directly from your Internet-connected car. This article describes the service, as well as what you need to do before you can start to book service and repair from your car.

Local Search is an app which can help you to find e. You can use the Yelp app to find local companies e. Yelp can only be used if the car is fitted with both Sensus Connect and Sensus Navigation. Volvo provides a large range of services, apps and programs to make using your car as enjoyable possible. This article gives an overview of the in-car apps that are available for your car.

If more than one device has been paired with your Volvo you can easily change what device to be connected to by following the instructions below. Cars equipped with Sensus Connect provide you with access to a number of apps. You can use the Stitcher app to listen to a wide range of on-demand programmes e. You can install and use the Google Local Search app via your Volvo's centre display.

Using the app you can, amongst other things, search for restaurants, hotels and petrol stations in the vicinity of the car and along a route.

Maps can be downloaded from www. If your Volvo is equipped with Sensus Connect, you can set up an Internet connection via Wi-Fi from your mobile phone. This article describes what you need to connect your car to the Internet via your mobile phone's Wi-Fi. Park and Pay is an app that can help you find vacant parking spaces. In some cases, you can also pay for your parking via the app. Volvo provides a wide selection of services, apps and programs that you can use in your car. This article gives an overview of the apps that are available for your car.

The Internet radio service TuneIn has several different functions.The car's media player is equipped with Bluetooth and can wirelessly play audio files from external Bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Commands for radio and media player device control are shown below. The media player can play back audio from external audio sources connected via the USB port or Bluetooth. It can also play back video format via the USB port.

The media player is controlled from the centre display. Several functions can also be operated using the steering wheel's right-hand keypad or voice control. The media player also operates the radio, which is described in a separate section. The playback of media can be controlled with voice control, steering wheel keypad or the centre display. It is possible to search by artist, composer, song titles, album, video, audio book, playlist and, when the car is connected to the Internet, podcasts digital media via Internet.

Gracenote identifies artist, album, song titles and associated images, which are shown during playback. An external audio source, e. The following specifications must be met to allow the contents of the USB devices to be read.

USB inputs type A under the centre display. Did this help?