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Want detailed insight into the traits and personality man that has just come into or is already in your life? Are you two compatible? What is he like in love and in bed?

What kind of career man is he? Will he be a good dad? Need to find that all too perfect gift for a certain man in your life? Check out his Zodiac Sign and Horoscope details to learn about the gifts he will truly cherish!

Want to learn how to attract a man of a specific Zodiac Sign? It is my sincerest hope that this information helps you make and keep the most important love connections in your life, and, if you are already involved, I certainly hope the information I share smooths the way forward to the best days ahead for you and your significant other! Below are brief descriptions of each Male Zodiac Sign. Simply click on any image or zodiac sign title to read the in-depth description about your mate!

Learn how the stars shape their personality, preferences, personal interactions, choices, health, love life, likes, dislikes, pet peeves, and so much more! They know what they want, and they go out and get it. In fact, if you attempted to stop this Zodiac Sign, they would simply bow their heads, position horns straight ahead, and forge forward with the spirit of a Ram!

If you are in love with an Aries Man or you want to bring one into your life, you best be ready for ACTION too — otherwise you might find yourself sitting alone with dust flying in your face!

Which Sign You Definitely Shouldn't Date

A creature of comfort and one who likes to bask in all things beautiful, a Taurus Man knows fine foods, fine music, and about all the finer things in life. Oh, he is an immovable creature though. This Zodiac Sign is, also, as stubborn as a mule. And, guess what? It takes a brave lady to enter into a love affair not to mention, marriage with a Gemini man. These highly intellectual, social creatures are prone to extremes of all kinds!

This Zodiac Sign can never quite decide if he wants to stay or go. A thinker through and through, he both seeks knowledge and loves to share it with everyone he encounters! Hope you are ready for some Trivial Pursuit!

And yet, as kind-hearted and empathic as he is, his most vulnerable of emotions remain tucked far away where few, if any, ever gain access! And as HE wills, so is it done! The Leo male stands out from the rest. This Zodiac Sign has intense eyes. The Leo man just melts your heart with his confident smile and his need for fun. Oh, and how can you forget his well-formed physique?

I mean, really? So you find yourself utterly attracted to and mildly confused irritated by a Virgo male, is that right? No surprise there really. Your Virgo male tends to balance extremes only after intense analysis of both sides. Instead of leaning to one side, he proficiently brings all resources together to tackle an issue — even if the resources are in opposition. Watching your Virgo man at work might have you wishing all government officials were Virgo-born and equally proficient!

If your heart is all a flutter for a Libra man, it is of no surprise. This Zodiac Male is a fine mix of charm, looks, brains, integrity, and honor. And does he a way with words! Beauty, peace, and balance is what the Libra man must have to feel at home and comfortable in his own skin and what he looks for in a mate.A tongue-in-cheek look at which is the absolute worst zodiac sign, and why it is probably yours.

To be fair, there is no absolute worst sign. At least we can aspire to overcoming, or accepting them and becoming the wonderful human beings we are meant to be. Pleasant, appreciative and kind, Taurus, most of your negative traits are because you are like an immovable object. If you dislike something or someone, your famous passive-aggressive responses come to the fore.

Laser-sharp wit, quick to learn, and always full of ideas, Gemini. Yet those very traits cause your problems. Your mind flits from one fascinating topic to another, leaving everyone in your wake, wondering how they can pin you down and keep you on track. You see something pretty and you have to follow it. Even if it means telling the odd lie in the process. Take responsibility? Oh no, not you; responsibility is for other people. Kind, generous, nurturing Cancer.

Even you have your down-sides when things go wrong. Holding a grudge is a specialty of yours. Most of the time you create your own issues out of nothing. Energetic, loyal and generous, Leo sometimes suffers from the effect of the fire element of their sign. You strut, you preen for your adoring minions. You are always convinced you know best, never considering that others have a valid point of view.

After all, you are you, and you are the King or Queen of the world. Practical, helpful and detail oriented, Virgo takes their positive traits and mashes them until they become negatives. Paying attention to detail becomes petty obsession. Helpful becomes over-critical, and practical becomes harsh and demanding.Flat out judgment calls. You like it rough? Even your horoscope can't convince us otherwise. Human beings have a tendency to suck more than any other species.

Think you're a bad person? Check out the video below for the top 10 worst humans that have ever existed:. Aw hell. Not all of us suck that badly, though. We have to have heroes amongst all of these zeros, right?

Perhaps not. One thing is for sure: our bad behavior is influenced by the stars and the planets. Some people suck naturally. Others, well Probably because Aries smartthey put intelligence behind their mean natured ways, and man oh man do these folks suck. Their fault lies in the fact that they are very talented when it comes to being mean.

Just so filled with deceit and disloyalty, Aquarius really know how to leave a person in the lurch. Best to avoid, even in emergencies. Backstabbers to the end, Leo sucks in ways that are so nervy, your head will spin. Scorpio sucks and enjoys it. Your pain is their pleasure, and the more the merrier.

In other words, they suck. Then they regret it, because Oh god, how Cancer sucks. Gemini sucks too.The symbol for Leo is the lion, who is known as the King of Beasts. There is always an air of royalty to a Leo native, regardless of their background or social class.

This sign is flirtatious and magnanimous. When it comes to Leo compatibility, this sign can present some challenges. Still, natives of this sign are loyal and dedicated when they settle down with the right person. This article is written for someone whose Sun Sign is Leo. Because of this, this article is just a general guide.

For a full report on your compatibility with your partner, seek the advice of a professional astrologer. This percentage is in part based on traditional wisdom as to the relationship of each sign. It is also based on practical experience with each of the signs and how they interact with each other. The signs listed below are the best matches for Leo. They bring out the sunny nature of this sign and bask in its glow. If Leo is royalty, Libra is the perfect courtier.

Furthermore, Libra is able to do this without outshining Leo in any way. This pair will be highly social and will tend to throw the best parties of the zodiac. Leo will be the life of the party, and Libra will be the perfect host or hostess. Not only are these signs compatible in public, but they also have a similar nature in private.

Both of these signs need to take off their masks and come off stage from time to time.

worst male zodiac sign

Leo and Libra can both seem a bit aloof in private with the ones that they love. Yet, they will understand each other in this way as well. Leo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility. Leo Woman and Libra Man Compatibility.

Like all Fire Signs, Leo needs to have opportunities to bravely face danger. In the modern world, there are not many opportunities to have adventures. Leo is also a Fixed Sign, which can make this sign reluctant to venture out into the unknown. Yet, Aries is always up for a challenge and can find adventure in whatever time and place this sign happens to be. They will certainly tend to argue a lot. Yet, underneath the surface, these signs will be having the time of their lives. In many cases, arguments will lead to the bedroom.

Leo Man and Aries Woman Compatibility.

worst male zodiac sign

Leo woman and Aries Man Compatibility. As with Aries, Sagittarius brings out the fiery, adventurous side of Leo. Of the Fire Signs, Sagittarius is the least combative and the most laid-back. Yet, Leo has a higher overall compatibility score with Aries than with Sagittarius. The reason for this is that this series of articles is mainly focused on compatibility in love relationships.

worst male zodiac sign

As a general rule, Sagittarius tends to shy away from commitment in love relationships, and Leo prefers the stability of formal commitments. Still, if a Sagittarius is going to settle down with anyone, a Leo is a very good choice. Leo is one of the few signs that can keep up with Sagittarius. Leo can also balance Sagittarius by providing stability to the relationship.Before you go barreling headfirst into a new relationship, the stars might have something ugly planned for you and your latest S.

Lucky for us, the AstroTwins are here to tell us the definite DON'Ts for each sign and why it's best avoid them like the zodiac plague. Don't date: Capricorn December January Aries are rule breakers and Capricorns are rule makers.

Boyfriends Ranked Best To Worst Based On Their Zodiac

You'll constantly feel criticized for your renegade style which can frighten well-behaved Cap. Spontaneity is your jam. Capricorn can't even go to dinner without making a reservation. You're both high achievers, but workaholic Capricorn is married to the job. You may feel like you're in a polyamorous relationship with Capricorn's boss—and good luck getting that Recommended Daily Allowance of attention every Aries needs. Don't date: Aquarius January 20 to February Although you like your rules and traditions, Aquarius' wiring feels downright robotic to you.

In relationships, you're all warmth and heart—with a side of vintage champagne and French chocolates. Aquarius operates on a confusing paradox of logic and rebellion—and they're far too egalitarian and after a few dates, cheap to pay for your luxe indulgences. Things could get experimental between the sheets, but in the real world? A total buzzkill. Don't date: Scorpio October November The seductive game playing is undeniably hot in this combination with both of you volleying naughty Snapchats and sexting throughout the day.

But things go south when you try to seal the deal. You thought this was a cool flirtation and you just want to "see what happens. With their willpower and manipulative charm, you'll quickly become the sub to their dom.

zodiac signs that PISS me off

Don't date: Sagittarius November December Wild, freewheeling Sagittarius rushes into your life like a whirling tornado—and sometimes, that's just what you need to get yourself out of that shell. But you can't ride that inconsistent wave pattern long without throwing your fragile sensibilities into a state of extreme anxiety. Archer's insane social and travel schedule will clash with your nesting instincts and longing for one-on-one time. When you're baring your soul, Sagittarius cracks a joke—and won't understand why certain things like spending time with family are a big deal to you.

The disconnect is just painful. Don't date: Pisces February 19 to March Dreamy, dazzling Pisces will instantly enchant you. At last! The magical playmate who will cuddle up with you in Never-Never Land.Oh sure, we could talk about the size of his, um And does your horoscope say the same? Are you a considerate lover? Check out the video below to find out how good you are in bed:.

There are two of us maybe three? Some men are just naturally conscientious when it comes to doing their part in the bedroom. And this man does exist. So, who are the best and worst male lovers, according to astrology? Yummy Libra. This man gets off on you getting off. Oh, baby baby. Naturally eager to please, he will engage in the most daring of sexual encounters.

Capricorn men like to be your fantasyas they like to fantasize about you as well. Oh, they do want to please you. Sensitive and mysterious, your male Pisces lover is the kind to lavish you with romantic gestures. This is the man who will care enough to make the love-making arena beautiful for you. The downfall is that they become lazy quite soon into the sex and may forget what all the fuss was about.

Yeah, that unfair. As we wind on down the road, we may want to consider the male Cancer lover What makes Cancer lacking in this department is their own lack of interest, which makes sex with them feel more like mercy sex. Be prepared to work. Have fun masturbating. Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Photo: weheartit. Ruby Miranda. ZodiacSex August 22, Read this before jumping into bed with them. Click to view 12 images.

Arianna Jeret. Zodiac Read Later.Have you ever noticed that you have a particular set of hangups that seem to have formed out of nowhere? Well, believe it or not, it may have a little something to do with the bad habits associated with your zodiac sign. And that's because, while there are many factors involved in the formation of habits, astrology can help explain a lot. As with all paths of self-discovery, it never hurts to consider every facet.

Learning more about the bad habits associated with your sign — if they happen to ring true — can mean getting to the bottom of what ails you, and working on improving habits that might be holding you back.

If you tend to overwork or overspend, for example, learning more about why you feel compelled to do so might mean doing it less often.

Here are a few bad habits astrologers say are most common for each zodiac signas well as ways to turn things around so you can strike a better balance and maybe even learn to overcome these bad habits. Swearing: Do you curse like a sailor, especially when it's not necessarily appropriate?

Acting without thinking: "This has gotten [Aries] into hot water more than a few times, and has likely caused accidents or at the very least needing to do something all over again because it wasn't done right," astrologer Lisa Allen, MHtells Bustle. Interrupting: "When Aries has something to say, they feel a drive to speak, even if someone else is talking," Lang says.

Twirling their hair: Aries often has an obsession with hair, Lang says, and that can lead to a hair twirling habit. Definitely not the worst thing in the world, but does it sound familiar?

Drinking too much coffee: While there's nothing wrong with drinking coffee, drinking too much of it can be a symptom of Aries' overly ambitious nature, Lang says.

If this is you, chances are you've used coffee as a way to pull all-nighters more than once. All of that said, Aries has lots of good habits, too. As a fire sign, they are known for dishing out encouragement to those they care about, Lisa Barrettaan astrologer and author of Conscious Inktells Bustle. Should you want to balance out your bad habits, you can start by "taking deep breaths and really listening to others," Lang says.

Doing so will help you handle stress-induced habits, like interrupting and impulsivity. Saying no immediately: Do you blurt out "no" before someone's even finished asking you a favor? Shopping too often: Go ahead and shop whenever you like, but remember to keep your credit card balance in check.

worst male zodiac sign